Michael R. McClellan, Chief Operational Officer and Senior Consultant

Mike has over 25 years of administrative and Information systems healthcare experience.  He started his healthcare career while serving in the United States Air Force and is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm.  During his career he has worked for large healtcare organizations holding various administrative and information systems management positions.

Mike joined Impreva in 2009. His operational and IT experience has proven to be a proven assett to the Impreva clients who have utilized his services.  His experience installing Epic at multiple client sites has allowed Impreva to find a niche in the marketplace.

At Impreva, we take great pride in helping our clients take full advantage of the available technology.  It is very rewarding to help our customers with a major implentation that takes them to the cutting edge of healthcare delivery!

Mike McClellan                                                                                 michael.mcclellan@impreva.com